Progression of data to insight
March 22, 2023

Using Artificial Intelligence to Unlock Your Data’s Insights

Co-author: Jennifer Davis So. Much. Data. As an organization, you have no doubt amassed a large collection of documents. Legacy reports, analyses,

Person viewing JADE on a computer screen. Features pop-up graphics of real world scenarios and scientific rigor.
February 23, 2023

Evaluating Technology for Human Performance

Contributors: Glenn Hodges, PhD & Kaleb Embaugh A New Capability for Evaluation Accelerated development of technology that supports work in high-stakes domains

grounded airplanes
January 31, 2023

Complex System Failure

Contributors: Marisa Bigelow, Kati Walker PhD, Ashley Wade, Glenn Hodges PhD, Mark Fogel, and Kent Rowand Resilience: Responding to the Unexpected and