Our Work

Our software development process focuses on the intersection of people, technology, and work; uncovering complexity and creating effective human-machine teams to address our client’s most significant challenges.

Mile 2 builds custom software tools across all levels of maturity that help our customers meet their objectives more effectively. Our customers approach us with challenging problems and tools that only partially accomplish what they want. We excel at serving customers that must have more tailored software support capabilities to achieve and exceed their current capability; to keep pace with an ever more complex work environment.

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Intel Analysis

Our cross-functional teams employ cutting-edge computational modeling mixed simulations to enhance human-AI system collaboration.

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Decision Support

Through our innovative tools and methodologies, we enable data-driven decision-making and facilitate digital transformation.

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Networking / Communication

Our expertise lies in developing cutting-edge solutions that enhance collaboration, streamline workflows, and optimize business processes.

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Mission Planning

Mile 2 offers comprehensive support to optimize operational effectiveness and build more resilient teams and plans.

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