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At the heart of Mile 2’s software development process lies the synergy between people, technology, and work. By delving into the intricate web of interactions, we uncover and tackle complexity head-on. Our mission is to forge powerful human-machine teams that can adeptly navigate and overcome our clients’ most formidable challenges. Through our innovative approach, we strive to create effective solutions that harness the full potential of collaboration between humans and technology.

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Machine Learning

Machine learning is an umbrella term for solving problems for which development of algorithms by human programmers would be cost-prohibitive, and instead, the problems are solved by helping machines “discover” their “own” algorithms, without needing to be explicitly told what to do by any human-developed algorithms.

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Platform Engineering

Platform engineering encompasses the creation of Internal Developer Platforms, toolchains, and workflows. These components are designed to empower software engineering organizations by providing them with self-service capabilities so that they can independently perform tasks and operations without the need for constant assistance.

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New Product Development

New Product Development is the process of conceptualizing, designing, planning, and commercializing a new product to be brought to market. More broadly, new product development is the transformation of a market opportunity into a sellable product.

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Modeling and Simulation

It is the use of models (e.g. physical, mathematical, behavioral, or logical representation of a system, entity, phenomenon, or process) as a basis for simulations to develop data utilized for managerial or technical decision-making.

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