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10 October 2023

Mile Two has been awarded more than $770,000 from the US Air Force to support
various enterprise-wide activities, as well as the Air Force’s Digital Transformation
Office. This award resulted from the new ‘Tradewinds AI’ effort, which is the
Department of Defense’s novel framework for sourcing, funding, and developing
solutions to challenges that exist in the realms of artificial intelligence/machine learning,
digital, and data analytics.

Tasked with automating complex digital assessment processes for the entire
Department of the Air Force, Mile Two is going to develop and implement a new solution
known as the Digital Maturity Automation Pulse (DMAP).
“DMAP is going to help our Air Force in the digital engineering space,” says Mile Two
President Jeff Graley. “We will help optimize some of the Air Force’s most complex
processes by enhancing their team effectiveness, aiding organizational challenges, and
aligning processes.”

Over the course of the next year, Mile Two will be leveraging their expertise in cognitive
systems engineering as well as their experience working at the intersection of human
and machine in order to design, build, test, and improve these cutting-edge solutions.
Mile Two is also going to support various efforts of the Air Force’s Digital Transformation
Office. By modifying proven applications Mile Two has already developed such as
TechPlan and Project Pulse, they will create a new custom solution that will improve the
effectiveness of complex assessment processes within the Digital Transformation Office
Graley adds: “Mile Two is proud to help accelerate the Air Force’s tech development
and project performance. The Digital Transformation Office is an exciting and important
organization, and we are eager to help them to achieve their goals.”
About Mile Two

Mile Two is a trusted software partner that helps clients assess how and when to adopt
new technology through an evaluation of the work they perform. We utilize our expertise
in cognitive systems engineering, user experience design, software engineering, and
quality assurance to build early prototypes that expose risks and explore long-term
goals that aim to reduce cost, improve productivity, and gain a competitive advantage.

Contact: Mark Fogel
Source: Mile Two, LLC

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