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13 October 2023

DAYTON, Ohio – Mile Two LLC announces that the company was awarded a $22M
contract to support digital transformation efforts of the US military.

The award, which is a General Services Administration (GSA) task order, means that
Mile Two will deliver efficient, secure, and scalable digital solutions and agile software
for the US Department of Defense’s (DoD) most pressing needs. The ultimate goal is to
improve the effectiveness and efficiency of defense operations through cutting-edge
digital technologies.

“This is a massive team win for Mile Two and another step in Mile Two’s maturation as
an organization,” says Mile Two President Jeff Graley. “Equally important is that we’ll be
helping the DoD and the Air Force to be faster and better in supporting some of our
critical national security needs.”

Through this award, Mile Two will support and enable the Digital Transformation efforts
of the Air Force Research Lab, which is headquartered in Dayton, Ohio, the entire
Department of the Air Force, and even across the whole of the Department of Defense.
Central to their efforts, Mile Two will implement a Digital Innovation Hub for
state-of-the-art facilities offering both in-person and hybrid collaboration for DoD
personnel, as well as a digital hub workspace for the rapid development, prototyping,
and testing of digital transformation concepts.

Graley adds: “It is a tremendous opportunity for Mile Two to be a key partner, with the
Digital Capabilities Directorate and others, in the digital transformation of AFRL to
achieve both the USAF and USSF’s current and future mission needs.”

About Mile Two
Mile Two is a trusted software partner that helps clients assess how and when to adopt
new technology through an evaluation of the work they perform. We utilize our expertise
in cognitive systems engineering, user experience design, software engineering, and
quality assurance to build early prototypes that expose risks and explore long-term
goals that aim to reduce cost, improve productivity, and gain a competitive advantage.

Contact: Mark Fogel
Source: Mile Two, LLC

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