Mile 2 Internships: The Next Iteration

Posted by Ashley Wade on March 24, 2022
Mile 2 Internships: The Next Iteration

New for Summer 2022 – we have updated our internship program to provide enhanced support for interns and their mentors. Internships are open now!

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Mile 2 has established a uniquely collaborative culture in which our day-to-day work involves collectively exploring ideas and generating solutions. Our culture is grounded in core values that foster innovation, generate trust, and build relationships across disciplines. One of our core values, “Success is a Team Effort” inherently applies to our project teams, company operations, and serving our community. One way we demonstrate this core value is through community workforce development initiatives. Since 2018, Mile 2 has provided an internship program for students seeking applied experience in computer engineering, design, and other disciplines.

Since the program’s inception, our Internship Team has worked to provide collaborative project experiences that support the development of skills that align with our core values. Using feedback and lessons learned from past cohorts, our Internship Team has updated the program to provide what we believe is an exceptional intern experience – paying extra attention to entry-level designers and developers.

How it Works

Every internship begins with onboarding; interns learn about our unique and exciting Mile 2 Approach (M2A), all the relevant software and tools for their project, and project background information. Each intern is paired with a mentor and will have the same opportunity to engage with peers, leaders, and company initiatives as any other full-time employee of Mile 2.

Interns are assigned to internal or external projects based on current skills, abilities, and personal desires. Internal projects provide structured early career experiences for new graduates while incorporating broader aspects of our organizational process and culture. The entire experience mirrors that of client-facing work, but the project addresses important needs within our company. External projects are designed for more senior applicants, either graduate-level students or those with prior work experience. These projects offer a variety of applied work experience, all of which are accomplished through cross-discipline collaboration. Some interns may encounter a hybrid of internal and external work, depending on funding and project availability.


Mile 2 interns have made meaningful contributions to a variety of internal and external projects over the years. Examples of what our interns have developed include:

  • A conversational user interface for a cardiac health application
  • A geospatial data visualization application
  • A component library for internal use at Mile 2
  • An internal employee recognition application
  • An application for talent management

Beyond implementation within Mile 2 and in service of our customers, interns also have the opportunity to showcase their skills and products at career fairs and client meetings.

The program has also proved to be a strong recruiting asset. To date, Mile 2 has graduated 23 interns from various disciplines across six cohorts. Of that, we’ve hired 12 as full-time Mile 2 employees.

Program Updates

Operations at Mile 2 are constantly evolving, and our internship program is no exception. For Summer 2022, we’ve retained everything that made the original program great, and have added strategic support and structure in a few areas to improve outcomes for everyone involved. We’re doing this through:

  • Increased real-world project experience whenever possible
  • Added supplemental learning opportunities to train for critical workforce skills like customer interaction, teamwork, communication, and resume/interview skills
  • New Mile 2 Approach (M2A) training to help all teammates understand different disciplines and the unique aspects of cross-discipline collaboration in dynamic tech companies
  • Increased program assistance and structure via online resources, support groups, and guided learning experiences
  • Dedicated internship coordinator to drive outcomes and support interns throughout the experience
  • Expanded partnerships with universities and other institution

Apply Now or Share

Check out our internship openings HERE. We will begin interviewing for internships in May. We would love to have you join the team if it sounds like a fit for you or pass this blog along if you know someone interested!

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