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You Aren’t Alone On This Journey

Mile Two started back in 2015 around the same time as Launch Dayton‘s first Startup Week, and the journey so far has a lot of takeaways for those just starting out. During a panel at last year’s Startup Week, Mile Two President Jeff Graley told the panel audience that “nobody does this journey alone.” Reminiscing on taking the business from a living room all the way to sponsoring this year’s event, Mile Two knows how important these first steps can be.

Our Roots In Downtown Dayton

Networking and seeing how other startup communities were doing things successfully were both vital to Mile Two’s beginnings. Moving into The Entrepreneurs Center and working with key folks in the Dayton startup community helped realize the early vision of supporting the city’s growing tech hub. Dayton continues to be a growing hub of tech and small business success stories, and Mile Two’s success story is still moving forward:  

444 Building

In 2017, Mile Two opened its own space in downtown Dayton with 20 employees on staff at the 444 building. It turned out to be a short walk from our current headquarters which would later be renovated.

Four years later, over 100 Mile Two employees moved into the newly renovated Manhattan Building. Our founders spoke as panelists at Startup Week 2021 about the journey from their couch to securing large contracts. You can learn more about their journey HERE.

This year, Mile Two is still working on-site at The Manhattan with Dayton Daily News, Henny Penny, BattleSight Technologies, the Vicinia Barber Shop, and now shared space with Hangar 18 and the Digital Transformation Office. 

601 Building – “The Manhattan”

Continuing the commitment to build with the Dayton community, Mile Two is excited to be a platinum sponsor at the 2022 Startup Week – an event that continues to grow and expand opportunities for small businesses in the Gem City. You can catch Mile Two at the kickoff event on Tuesday, at the expo booth, and see Dr. Scott Galster speak as part of the “Bringing Sci-Fi to Life in Dayton” panel on Wednesday. Stop by the demo booth during the Closing Party, too – you can meet some of the Business Technology folks at Mile Two, and drop a business card or just see cool stuff done with cool people.

Catch Up With Us at Startup Week

Mile Two is proud to sponsor this year’s Startup Week and support those of you starting your own entrepreneurial journeys. Nobody does this journey alone – you’re in the right place, with the right people, to build something great.

Feel free to connect with us at the event or contact us here to see how we might be able to partner!

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