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We create possibilities through technology.


Cloud based applications

Mile Two has supported large platform developments through expertise in architecting cloud-based services using best practices in scaling and securing applications. We have built full stack applications that give users the ability to remotely manage and execute relatively complex logic.

Cognitive models

Mile Two utilizes cognitive models to represent a user’s understanding of a system or task in order to identify complexities. The models can be used to solve problems related to the system or task and as a basis for envisioning new solutions.

Decision Support

Mile Two supports intelligence analysts through the use of tool and task analysis along with cognitive modeling. Reasoning and analytic support is provided through the use of mixed fidelity design prototypes.


By studying the way users work and understanding the tasks they need to complete, Mile Two develops more efficient and effective processes to make their jobs easier. Combining that with well designed user interfaces, we provide our clients with comprehensive and intuitive end products.



Work with users to gain a deep understanding and model of their work.


Apply innovative techniques to develop new concepts of how the system should work.


Reduce risk and cost by designing and then building prototypes that validate our models and concepts before building deployable solutions.