Promotion Spotlight: Milu Franz, Alex Thornbury, and John Fay
By Published On: May 13, 2020Categories: News, News

Milu Franz

Milu Franz was promoted from Associate Software Engineer to Software Engineer. Milu began her career with Mile Two as an intern and has been with us since early 2018.

What Milu’s leadership says…

“Milu has leveled up exponentially over the last year. She co-organized and ran the Imagine DAT data visualization meetup as well as an internal Women in Tech group. She spoke at local meetups as well as at the JavaScript & Friends conference in Columbus.”

What Milu says…


“Being part of the Mile Two team has encouraged me to create a resource group called ‘Women In Tech.’ Mile Two has been incredibly supportive and helpful to the group since the beginning, and I’m really excited to be part of a company that is committed to their employees’ success.””


“Innovation and creativity are always welcome and the whole team feels comfortable about sharing ideas and providing feedback. Additionally, our team actively recognizes others’ contributions which builds a strong sense of value and self-worth.”

Alex Thornbury

Alex Thornbury was promoted from Associate Software Engineer to Software Engineer. Alex joined Mile Two as an intern in Fall 2018 and was brought on full time.

What Alex’s leadership says…

“Alex has a passion for learning and teaching, as displayed in the way he planned, developed material for, and ran Mile Two’s first Engineering Book Club… His contributions have been felt in the Code Quality working group, as a member of the Advanced Process Development team, and several other project teams.”

What Alex says…


“It is very supportive of professional development… they are responsive to requests such as the kinds of roles and/or projects you would like to work on.”


“I would like to grow into a technical leader able to work in complex problem domains and in different technologies with an emphasis on software design and architecture.”

John Fay

John Fay was promoted from Software Engineer to Senior Software Engineer. John has been a part of the Mile Two team since February of 2019.

What John’s leadership says…

“John led Mile Two’s Code Quality Working group over the last year, raising the performance of the entire Mile Two engineering staff. He drove the adoption of new technologies across the engineering team and led the creation of several internal boilerplate projects.”

What John says…


“Humble Expertise resonates well with me. [People who have that] leave their ego at the door and understand the perspective someone brings to the table. Those people make a huge difference when it comes to what gets done at Mile Two.”


“…we get to fail often. Failing provides a lot of lessons. I have no doubt that these earlier failures will lead to greater success in the end.”

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