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We create possibilities through technology.


We developed a consumer-friendly app patients can use to educate themselves about their heart health, have more meaningful interactions with their primary care physician (PCP), and see how much impact small lifestyle changes can have on their heart health.



Mile Two


  • ReactJS
  • HTML
  • SASS


  • Prototyping
  • Frontend
  • Backend Systems

Shrouded by jargon and bureaucracy, the average person isn’t comfortable confidently navigating the medical space. Information is presented in an overwhelming, unabridged format with an unnecessary formal tone. Flutter bridges the gap between professional and layman by offering a streamlined, but still knowledge-rich, cardiac health resource in colloquial terms. Supported by strong comprehensive research, Flutter provides incredible value to the scientific and medically-inclined community concerning cardiac risk. We believe by going commercial, we can offer all the value Flutter provides to those on the other side of the spectrum—the patients.

Our favorite thing about CDVI was the immediate response received upon input. We wanted to stay true to this experience, so it was paramount that we make Flutter as ‘alive’ as possible. In addition, the most prominent user trend we noticed in our market research was that users don’t always have the requested medical info. To make their Flutter experience as easy and engaging as possible, we included built in conveniences as much as we could. Finally, Flutter would be the first app in the heart care space where users could have an interactive area to project lifestyle changes and see the results. We hope that presenting users with realistic and achievable milestones, Flutter, will facilitate conversations between the patient and their doctor about how to best implement those lifestyle changes.


We built a mobile-first web application that allows investors, innovators, and entrepreneurs to connect around cutting-edge research.

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We built a single page application to help doctors and patients visualize how a variety of factors impact cardiovascular health.