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We create possibilities through technology.


We built a mobile-first web application that allows investors, innovators, and entrepreneurs to connect around cutting-edge research.





  • Python
  • Angular


  • Prototyping
  • Frontend
  • Backend Systems

TNEBULA was designed as an interactive platform that enables laboratories to inventory intellectual property, present inventions to entrepreneurs and industry, and gain a rich understanding of commercial potential and pathways to market through intelligent reporting. It has become a discovery platform for inventors, industrialists, capitalists, entrepreneurs, and the generally curious.

TNEBULA forms the connective tissue between our region’s small businesses, larger corporations, and laboratories so that collaboratively we can drive innovation and introduce real products into the market. We work with labs all over the country and allow our network of entrepreneurs, technical, industry experts, and students to collaborate and produce amazing data, giving us real insight into the health of our country’s innovation pipeline.

NEXT: Cardiac Consultant

We built a single page application to help doctors and patients visualize how a variety of factors impact cardiovascular health.

NEXT: Flutter

We developed a consumer-friendly app patients can use to educate themselves about their heart health, have more meaningful interactions with their primary care physician (PCP), and see how much impact small lifestyle changes can have on their heart health.