Our Work

Mile 2 is a custom software provider that helps clients assess how and when to adopt new technology. We know that complexity goes unaddressed in software systems because it is often unseen—hidden behind the interface and automation built into technology, and obscured when solution providers don’t truly understand the work people do.

Our software development process focuses on the intersection of people, technology, and work, uncovering complexity and creating effective human-machine teams to address our client’s most significant challenges.


Focused on understanding how people cope with complexity and interact with technology, our multidisciplinary design teams employ user-centered concepts built on the foundation of cognitive systems engineering.


Our software is developed by teams that understand the full scope of systems, including experts in software engineering, UX/UI design, cognitive systems engineering, machine learning, DevSecOps, and quality assurance.


Through our proven, iterative process we gain a deep understanding of the work and the domain, ensuring we identify and solve the right problem and deliver a custom software solution that allows our clients to stay focused on their mission.

Our Expertise


Cognitive Systems Engineering
We have a strong foundation in understanding the fundamental cognitive work in our customers’ domains and the challenges they face.


User Experience/User Interface
We use an integrated approach to create intuitive and engaging interfaces that help people use technology to achieve their goals.


Machine Learning
We use machine learning to extract insight, automate the most difficult tasks, and support users’ complex needs.


We enable continuous delivery of high quality software through automation and a culture of shared responsibility.


Software Engineering
We have the expertise to design, develop, and deploy custom-built software applications in the cloud that solve complex problems for our customers.


Quality Assurance
We utilize a broad range of tests and quality metrics to achieve consistency, efficiency, and standardization across our projects.

Our Clients