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Mid-Level Software Engineer

Mile Two is growing and we are seeking a mid-Level software engineer to engage and drive our current and future projects to the next level and champion our customer relationships.

Contingent upon funding

Job Description

The mid-level software engineer will be a self-starter taking direction from the team lead with responsibility for current project features, learn and implement design patterns and best practice.

You will develop and deliver software development tasks reliably before deadlines and are comfortable working as a member of a project team and interested in learning, implementing and communicating using design patterns.

A mid-level software engineer has three (3) or more years of software related experience and reports to the senior software engineering team lead or director of engineering.

Day-to-Day Responsibilities

  • Write well designed and efficient code by using modern software development practices
  • Learn and implement design patterns and best practices
  • Integrate data from various back-end services and databases
  • Decompose features in “user speak” into appropriately sized development tasks, implement them, integrate with other team members’ code and deliver on time
  • Start to specialize within the software development field (Mobile/AR/VR, ML, Front-end, Back-end, Data Visualization, etc.)
  • Work with the project lead to refine specifications and requirements based on technical needs
  • Solicits advice from senior engineers on best ways to accomplish tasks
  • Independently report progress to team members and customers
  • Working with team lead, identify areas of improvement for successful completion of a project
  • Estimate task durations accurately and commit to them
  • Provides technical mentorship and guidance to associate software engineers

What You Need to Bring

  • Support and thrive in a fast-paced environment, learn rapidly and master new technologies
  • Ideal candidates have a BS Degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, similar technical field of study, or equivalent practical experience
  • A security clearance is preferred but not required
  • Proven working experience in front-end web development, preferably with a modern JavaScript framework, such as React or Angular
  • Familiarity with developing web backends using Python, JavaScript and/or Golang. We do use backend frameworks, so having familiarity with them is also a plus
  • Creative problem-solving skills and the ability to deal with the ambiguity and the shifting requirements that come with uncertainty and research-centric projects
  • Experience with AWS is a plus

If you are interested in joining our team, send your resume to the link below.