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Cognitive Systems Engineer

Mile Two is growing and we are seeking a cognitive systems engineer to engage and drive our current and future projects to the next level and champion our customer relationships.

A cognitive systems engineer studies work in practice and envisions the challenges of future work from documented, generalized patterns across domains. They are responsible for conducting cognitive task and work domain analyses and creating design representations in various forms and levels of fidelity. They ground the scope of the project and ensure the product focuses on the right priorities addressing the client’s deeper demands.

Day-to-Day Responsibilities

  • Define requirements and synthesize problems through knowledge elicitations with subject matter experts, users/problem holders, and stakeholders
  • Perform cognitive task and work analysis to reveal functional insights as the foundation of designs
  • Create wireframes, storyboards, and representations for human-machine interfaces at various levels of fidelity to support complex decision-making
  • Work as part of a multidisciplinary team to implement design prototypes and evaluate feedback from government and private sector clients
  • Write and contribute to proposals, reports, and technical papers
  • This role reports to the Director of Design

What You Need to Bring

  • Five+ years of hands-on experience with systems engineering and user-centric design
  • Master’s degree or higher in Cognitive Systems Engineering, Human Factors, Psychology, or related experience
  • Ability to work effectively within cross-functional teams
  • Ability to manage the uncertainty and shifting requirements that come with research-centric projects and rapid prototyping
  • Passionate about usability, human-machine teaming, and studying work in practice
  • Comfortable leading internal and external meetings
  • Relevant publications in CSE, human-machine interface, etc. is desirable
  • A security clearance or ability to obtain a security clearance is desired

If you are interested in joining our team, send your resume to the link below.