Mile 2

December 21, 2020

Beyond Dashboards: Supporting Cognitive Work Through Deeper Problem Understanding

An effective decision support tool requires deep domain knowledge, understanding of the problem space, and consideration of multiple perspectives while capturing the data relationships that really matter.

October 22, 2019

Engaging the Community: How Our Core Values Have Shaped Our Internship Program

Mile Two strives to build an organization with shared values, and we bring the same to our internship program with the goal of having a positive, long-lasting impact on our community and our people.

September 26, 2019

UX Design and Beyond: Shifting the Focus From User-Centered to Use-Centered Design

Mile Two is committed to going beyond a user-centered perspective to consider the wider scope reflected in a use-centered framework. Use-centered design focuses on the user, the domain, and the interface and surveys the work domain to identify the field of possibilities or conversely, the constraints that bound the field.