Mile Two

3 Awesome Interns, Who are they!?

Ren Cummings // Jan 24, 2018

Milu Franz

Milu is attending Franklin University, exploring the world of Computer Science. While taking classes for interactive media she stumbled upon a class called introduction to programming, supplying her with the basics and new-found love of code. This was the starting point, that gave her a most excellent goal, to become a 'Kick-ass' developer.

Outside of code and development Milu is your future swole-mate. She enjoys weight-lifting and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, but you could also find her drawing Copic markers in her past time. With all that working out, it's really no surprise that she loves food, stating that some of here faves are: sushi, Thai, Indian, and Peruvian. She has a dream of traveling to Iceland and really likes the color mint-green.

Amberly Hoffman

Amberly comes to us through Sinclair Community College and is working hard on a dual associates in web and software development. A self-prescribed Trekkie, Amberly lays claim to being nerdy early on in life which would shape her future. She knew she would wind up in the tech world, just not necessarily how. It was when she got her first 'Big-Girl' job at a Chicago-based startup, that she was introduced into the tech industry in action. It was a gateway for her to loving tech and code, to pursuing her degree. It is the freedom and flexibility of schedule that will allow her to reach her dream of being a wicked awesome developer and being able to travel the world at the same time.

Kicking it student style for so long, she claims she has lost track of her hobbies, but if she's got the time they include gaming, sewing, and making art. Her color of choice would fall into the range of pastels, because it's too hard to choose just one! And finally at the end of the day her preferred meal would be sushi.

Alex Crane

Alex is bringing us style from the School of Advertising Art in Kettering, Ohio. Concentrating mainly on Graphic Design, Alex has also begun to really enjoy the realm of web development. For his future, Alex sees himself as a free-spirit, wants to experience all that life can throw at him, through traveling, coding and creating, or possibly carving away time in a woodworking shop.

One thing that we may not see in the future is Alex regularly cooking food, preferring a life of eating out or off of other peoples' plates. His favorite food is one of very little effort. If he had to choose a preferred color palette (and he did) it would be somewhere in the #ff8300 range, originally saying it would be too hard to choose. Alex really wants to be able to travel the world, first exploring a few places close to home: Alaska and Hawaii, before making his way across the ocean to Japan. When he's not dreaming of the future or creating, he enjoys flying drones and is researching how to modify them.

We can't wait to see what they bring to the team. If their first couple of weeks are any indicator, whatever it is it'll be amazing.