Mile Two

What We Do

Jeff Graley // Oct 12,

Unlike typical data centric solutions, Mile Two helps companies innovate by delivering mission centered solutions that focus on the intersection of people, technology, and the work.

The process usually begins with a combination of hypothesis building and observation of the current state of the art. The user is interviewed, problem areas are extrapolated from user stories, and brought back to the conceptual model of what is believed to be a viable solution. A prototype is built, demonstrating the hypothesized concepts to the user. Once feedback is received, the process is iterated on until a satisfactory solution is achieved. Critical factors in this model include: understanding the user’s problem and developing a viable product that demonstrates the proposed solution.

From a developer’s point of view, the speed of iteration, especially in the design portion of the process is critical. To achieve this goal, initial products are minimally viable. They demonstrate the concept and prove or disprove the conceptual model’s viability and reduces the overall project costs by preventing over development of invalid concepts. Once viability is demonstrated, refinement is performed to deliver a quality product to the user. The end goal centers around the user’s success.