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You see the road ahead and you know that better technology will help you reach your goals.

We build software and other technology solutions specifically for businesses like yours. We see the barriers and risks that others don’t — and we work hard to overcome them, streamlining our solutions through genuine discovery, design, and testing. We love building tools that make life and work simpler for the people who will actually use them.

Our Values


We think that there’s no problem we can’t solve with equal parts of intelligence and creativity. We build business tools by using novel and divergent thinking. We use the most cutting-edge technologies to create the optimal team of the human and machine.


There are no one-size-fits-all solutions out there. Business tools should be built the way you work rather than the way we work. But don’t worry... “custom” does not have to mean “outrageously expensive.”

Human-centered Design

We have decades of experience in web, mobile, design, as well as a deep understanding of how people work. This makes us able to deliver excellent and efficient products that allow real people to use technology to meet their goals.

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What's On Our Mind

Dec 1

Why Dayton?

Jeff Graley

About Our Team

We are a growing team of energetic problem-solvers and technologists. Located in the innovation district in Dayton, Ohio, our workplace encourages discussion and divergent thinking. We foster vibrant connections between our team, our community, and our clients. Stop by to meet our team and learn more about our work.

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