Mile Two

We believe business tools should be built the way you work not the way programmers work

What Do We Do?

We’re known to see things others don’t — human performance barriers. We love to streamline and eliminate as many of those barriers as we can. We help organizational leaders do this day in and day out by building business tools made specifically for your business. We start small. Test our ideas. And then, build from there. It keeps things simple because life’s complicated enough.

Technology Advancement

We Believe:

  • Business tools should be built the way you work not the way we work
  • With equal parts intelligence and creativity, there is no problem you can't solve
  • Custom and outrageously expensive don't need to be synonymous
  • There are no one size fits all solutions out there

Software Development

We have decades of experience in Web, Mobile, and Custom solutions, as well as Data Management and Analysis using a human-centered approach.

Human Centered Design

By coupling our agile software development capabilities with a human centered approach to design we are able to deliver excellent and efficient products that are born at the intersection of humans, technology, and the mission.


Are you looking for a new challenge? Do you like to learn new technologies and apply them in creative ways to solve problems? Are you into working in small, dynamic teams developing applications that make a difference in the commercial and military worlds? Mile Two is looking for talented individuals. We’re looking for tinkerers, hackers, makers, programmers, whatever you call yourself, if you’re interested in joining, contact us. Some of the skills we’re looking for are:

  • Programming
    • JavaScript
    • Pyton
    • Java
    • Objective C
    • Swift
    • Go
    • (That language you wrote up in your spare time which doesn't really have a name)
  • Design
    • Requirements Elicitation
    • Wire-framing/Prototyping
  • Data Analysis
    • Statistics
    • Visualization
    • High-Performance Computing
    • Modeling
    • Algorithm Development

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