What do we do? How does it apply?

Everyone has had an experience with technology that ends in frustration. Siri "misunderstands" you or spellcheck recommends an absurd replacement word. These types of frustrations are typically caused by technology that isn't properly designed to support the user. As technology advances these challenges are even more complex and prone to failure. To overcome these types of challenges, Mile Two uses a Joint Cognitive System Design process to focus on the intersection of the human, the technology, and the mission to deliver solutions that users love! Life is complicated and no one wants to deal with more technology that "misunderstands" you!

Technology Advancement

Mile Two delivers maximum value through mission centered software development.

Software Development

We have decades of experience in Web, Mobile, and Custom solutions, as well as Data Management and Analysis using a human-centered approach

Mission Centered Design

By coupling our agile software development capabilities with a human centered approach to design we are able to deliver excellent and efficient products that are born at the intersection of humans, technology, and the mission.

Innovation Solutions

Our use of the design cycle process allows Mile Two to capture key insights into the user’s most difficult challenges enabling the design and development of tailored solutions focused on optimal human-machine teaming.